Manage, Produce &Distribute Infobriefs allows you to easily embed infobriefs onto your website or share them on social media

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AboutWhat is ? is a solution for the management, production, and distribution of infobriefs. leverages the web-based Infobrief Builder application to enable you to quickly import, remix and personalize, and then export documents as PDF.

Infobriefs published on can easily be embedded in web pages, with an optional full screen view, or shared over social media with full cover page preview. The direct URL for an infobrief can also be shared, with full playback controls available. You can download an entire infobrief for offline viewing or just a single page. Document and page-level analytics let you measure the effectiveness of each infobrief.


Traditional Challenges

There are several challenges associated with traditional publishing of infobriefs.

A better way to send money.


Like any printed document, they get stale over time and need to be renewed. Updating a single page usually requires replacing the entire document. This is a labour-intensive process that is also prone to manual error.


There is typically a delay when publishing new infobriefs as they must be handed off from one team (marketing) to another (web). The time from initial infobrief idea to value creation is unnecessarily long.

One size fits all

Infobriefs often need to meet a range of needs, so they typically tend to be one size fits all documents, not really addressing the specific needs of any particular individual or account.

Everything you need



Infobriefs uploaded in PDF or PowerPoint (coming soon) formats are automatically split into unique pages


Pages can be mixed and grouped together to create multiple unique playlists (selections of pages), where each infobrief corresponds to a playlist


Individual pages can be used across multiple playlists; updating a page automatically updates the infobriefs of which it is a member


Infobriefs can be embedded in web pages, with full-screen playback, with a JavaScript embed code or published to a unique URL with full playback and sharing abilities

Live Update

Pages can be added, removed or replaced without republishing an infobrief, or requiring a new URL or embed code

PDF download

A full infobrief or even a single page can be downloaded as a standard PDF file from the embedded viewer or via a dedicated website URL


Social-media friendly previews of cover pages for LinkedIn and Twitter


Infobrief consumption can be tracked at the document and page level with built-in analytics (coming soon)


Page-level version management (coming soon)

Value Added


Infobriefs offer an array of benefits

Easy to use

Create and publish infobriefs with minimal effort; update an infobrief automatically without the need for a full file upload or web page update


Re-use popular page content more effectively across playlists and infobriefs; update a page once to update all related infobriefs


Compress the time from infobrief creation to publication and value creation by removing the need for other personnel to publish infobriefs


Tailor playlist content to a specific individual or account to support account-based marketing (ABM) strategies

Value added

Measure infobrief effectiveness with document and page-level tracking (coming soon)

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